Smolensk State Medical University


The history of the University dates back to April, 4 1920. Despite inevitable challenges successful activities to train medical doctors were organized, and qualified teaching staff was trained during a short period of time.

By the outbreak of the Great Patriotic War the University had become one of the biggest medical higher schools in the country. Three faculties of the University – the General Medicine Faculty, the Sanitary and Preventive Education Faculty and the Mother and Child’s Health Faculty – trained more than 2,500 students. The staff of the University was involved into social as well as consultative activities in the region working in close cooperation with all health care units of the city.

World War II interrupted the activities of the SSMU. Many teachers and students left University auditoriums for battlefields.

Smolensk was liberated in September, 25 1943.

After World War II the University went on its successful development.

In 1976 the Preparatory Faculty of the SSMU was organized.

Many prominent scientists started their research career in the SSMU. Many graduates of the University became outstanding health care managers.

At present the Smolensk State Medical University ranks in the top ten of the best higher medical institutions of Russia. There are 8 basic faculties in the University: General Medicine Faculty, Pediatric Faculty, Dentistry Faculty, Pharmaceutical Faculty, Faculty for Academic Nurses Training, Psychological and Social Training Faculty, Faculty for Foreign Students Training as well as Doctors Skills Upgrading Faculty.

Foreign students can enter General Medicine Faculty and Dentistry Faculty both in English language.

The Faculty of General Medicine was organized in April 4, 1920. Nowadays the General Medicine Department has all the facilities for high level educational and research activities. The Faculty trains medical doctors, research and teaching staff that meets the highest requirement of health care and medicine.

The Dentistry Faculty was organized in 1963. Since the founding of the Faculty 4589 dentists graduated from the University, including 36 foreign students. Many of our graduates have become major organizers of practical public health.

Dentistry students not only acquire knowledge and master skills, but also take an active part in the cultural life of the SSMU. Being members of the Students Scientific Society many of them have been awarded diplomas, certificates and have scientific publications. Students from other cities and countries live in a comfortable hostel. After receiving the diploma graduates have an opportunity to continue their education in internship, clinical residency and postgraduate courses. SSMU

At present the Dean’s office of the Faculty for Foreign Students Training is one of the main subdivisions providing highly qualified specialists training for foreign students.

Training at the clinical departments and bedside instruction allow foreign students to develop practical skills necessary for independent clinical work. At all the departments of the University foreign students have an opportunity to develop their clinical thinking and make scientific research.

For 20 years of the Faculty activities over 800 foreign students graduated from the University. The Smolensk State Medical University ranks the leading position among other higher medical institutions of Russia due to the high level of medical doctors training.

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