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Tula State University (TSU) is one of the largest state universities in Central Russia, founded in 1930. It provides educational programs in all areas of modern culture, science and technology.

Actively responding to the challenges of the time, the university is developing dynamically, while maintaining classical traditions. Today, about 20,000 students, more than 650 post-graduate and doctoral students, including more than 1,000 international students from more than 40 countries around the world are enrolled at the university.

TSU presents a unique set of services on the education market. The university prepares bachelors, masters and post-graduates in 150 specialties, including technical, technological, mining and construction, computer and information, scientific, economic, legal, social, liberal arts and health ones.

Tula State University consists of 12 institutions, including the Institute of International Education and Pre-university training center for foreign citizens. More than 1,200 teachers, including 270 PhDs, professors and 740 associate professors are involved.

First foreign citizens were enrolled at TSU in 1962. Since that time a large number of highly trained professionals have graduated, and rich experience in personnel training for foreign countries has been accumulated.

The university offers the following programs for foreign citizens:

- Pre-university Russian language program (10 months) for technical, economic, liberal arts, natural sciences and biomedical specialties for further studies at the university and other higher educational institutions of Russia; TSU

- Higher education in 150 specialties: Architecture and Construction; Land Development and Mining; Automation and Control; Instrument and Electrical Engineering; Machinery and Equipment; Transport and Energy, Metrology, Standardization and Certification; Electronics and Radio Engineering; Computer Science and Engineering; Agro-engineering and Environmental Protection; Metallurgy and Materials Science; Physics and Mathematics; Economics and Management; Law; Liberal Arts and Social Sciences; Linguistics; Journalism; Medicine and Biotechnology; Physical Culture, Sport, Tourism, etc.;

- Training of highly qualified personnel (PhD) in 60 post-graduate and doctoral programs.

All programs are taught in Russian.

Duration of Bachelor programs – 4 years, of Specialist programs - 5-6 years. After completion of Bachelor degree it is possible to apply for Master’s program lasting 2 years. After completion of Specialist degree in technical, liberal arts, economic and legal programs it is possible to apply for Post-graduate programs lasting 3 years. After completion of Specialist degree in Medicine it is possible to apply for internship and residency.

Students’ campus is located in the central part of the city. The University has its own sports center, hospital and health and recreation center. The university offers accommodation in comfortable dorm rooms for 2-3 people. Medical services for foreign students are carried out on voluntary medical insurance conditions.

Geographically, the city of Tula is located in the central region of Russia, 180 kilometers south of Moscow, with bus and railroad services available to get there.

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